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The internet is a big place, with lots of content. It's tough to get your ideas heard. So why even attempt to share what you know? Because with the right tools, your ideas can triumph over the noise and make the world more knowledgeable.

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Course Creation

  • Make your content tell a story with easy-to-use templates.
  • Embed existing outside content without any hassle.
  • Build a unique experience using simple tools that allow powerful customization.


  • Set your price - we'll handle payment collection.
  • Leverage affiliates to promote your Siminar courses.
  • Customize or use your own landing page to optimize sales performance.

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  • Publish your content in interactive, bite-sized pieces.
  • Every Siminar is optimized for web and mobile learning.
  • Foster discussions within your audience to keep them coming back for more.

Learn from the best

See how best-selling author Deepak Chopra transformed his book “Grow Younger, Live Longer” into a series of Siminars. This course shows how traditional content is reinvented to break through the noise and connect with the modern consumer.

See why Deepak loves Siminars:


Making a Siminar is always free.

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Open Siminars

Free to make. Free to take.

  • Develop and experiment with new content and ideas.
  • Create community and foster interaction with your audience.
  • Give people a taste of your ideas to promote your content.
  • What does Open & Free Mean?

Retail Siminars

Your content. Your customers.

  • It's your content - you get to decide what it costs.
  • Make use of Siminars marketing and affiliate tools to grow.
  • Choose a no commitment 70/30 split or a monthly plan to add features and keep more revenue.
  • Retail Plan Options and Details

Private Siminars

Great ideas. Exclusive audience.

  • Allow employees or customers to share ideas in private.
  • Plan members can create an unlimited number of Siminars.
  • Simple month pricing based on number of active users.
  • Private Plan Features and Pricing

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